Status Dogs

In the UK the Government has banned four types of dangerous dogs, predominantly those bred for dog fighting. This is due to the public concern over dog attacks in the UK. pit bull

In England we do not have any centralised resource to inform us about statistics relating to dangerous dogs and dog bites. In recent years fatalities have been caused by the banned breed of dogs in particular the Pit Bull "type" which are all put under one figure.

Hospital workers are also “ a bit bemused” by the figures. It has recently been reported in one on-line newspaper that hospital bosses in West Midlands where surprised at the “findings” of an 80% increase in under 18’s being admitted due to “dog attacks”.

The NHS reports on how many individuals attended hospitals to be treated for dog bites and the dogs trust (3800 in 2007). They also conduct an annual survey on stray dogs found by Local authority dog wardens. Both sets of information are not reliable as dog bites reported by the NHS do not differentiate between what medical care is needed for.

This means that separate dog bites from scratches, accidents falling over dogs or accidents caused from moving away from a dog to serious meaningful attacks

What is not in contention is that 4 children have died in 30 months due to dogs.

Please visit for more detail on the types of dogs and other useful information about both status dogs and attacks.www.statusdogs.co.uk

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In 2007 3,800 people were treated for dog bites in the UK. However, estimates can be inaccurate because dog bites themselves are not measured: they are included in dog attack figures which also include dog strikes such as being knocked... read more..... www.dogbiteclaims.co.uk