Who are Animal Wardens

Stray dog control
Animal Wardens are a family owed business employing forty staff with a turnover of over £1million pounds and is a typical Small to Medium Business (SME).Commissioned by Local Authorities, we provide back office and front line stray dog control services. We receive over 130,000 telephone request for service a year and handle 17,500 dogs. We achieve a customer satisfaction rate of over 99% with 79% of those who use our service rating us as excellent.

Changing decades
Our organisation began providing dog warden services in 1984, when Local Authorities first undertook this service voluntarily due to the problems caused by “latch key” dogs. Back then, we were involved with dog fouling campaigns such as “kerb your dog”

In 1992 central government placed a mandatory responsibility for Local Authorities to detain stray dogs and to nominate a responsible officer. The National Association of Dog Wardens (NADW) chairman said in May 2010 “it’s one of the few statutory functions of a Local Authority” and has become an integral part of the public protection strategy.

Central government placed a responsibility upon local authorities to undertake the role outside of normal working hours in 2008. Originally our service dealt with large numbers of “latch key” dogs, but increasingly the service now handles lost and unwanted dogs with genuine stray (“latch key”) dogs reducing in numbers.

Our system (AIMS) receives phone calls directly from the end users, offers advice and help, communicates with dog wardens, monitors activities and compiles monthly reports of activities, actions and customer satisfaction levels.

As central government has pushed ahead with the electronic governance agenda we have developed our service to be web based, with individual requests for service, job sheets, reports all available to you whenever you need them.

We view the service differently to our competitors. We believe the customer should receive a better service and engage with the service. Unfortunately we have discovered that our competitors get confused over who the customer is. The customer is the person who is concerned over the environment and responsible dog ownership, by reporting or taking in a stray dog.

These customers, when worked with closely, can become advocates for the service.

We bring to the service the promotion of wider positive behaviour traits, by utilising informal wardening activities, creating community advocates, reporting and self-policing activities. We are not a simple service… stopping bad behaviour by changing attitudes is our aim.

Our people bring industry skills, knowledge and a real specialisation that delivers a comprehensive service with full employee back up.

You will receive a monthly report from us informing you of activities and outcome. There may be some months when you forget we are there, because we simply just get on with providing an end to end service.You’ll benefit from fixed monthly fees, a single invoice to process, no accounts to balance charges or invoices to end users.

You will quickly discover how much quieter it is only dealing with us instead of hundreds of end users. In fact we will not only provide a cost effective front line service but reduce overheads and your administration (or “back office”) costs.

Creative with low cost methods
To save cost we originally worked (1984) with Compulsory Competitive Tendering (CCT). Then Best Value (1997)… including assessment of all in house service on a rolling schedule, but increasingly focus is on value for money (2008).

Local authorities are seeking to save costs across all areas of spending without effecting frontline services. To do this the chair of NDWA says “a lot of councils are getting rid of dog wardens” but in effect they are introducing a different, new, better, more economical way of working.

Animal Wardens save costs without risk, offering you and your customers a safe pair of hands.



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