You will have spelt out your requirements in a specification, but this may have been done to suit a procurement regime rather than meet your specific needs. That document will show you how we will commence the service while we examine ways to improve delivery and service levels, you will benefit from us communicating the advantages and limitations to you.

Operational details
We will agree with you at the outset of the service the interpretation of the specification and provide you with the details of how it will operate in reality. This means you retain full control over the service, with all the information you need for accurately measuring the performance and outcomes… without the aggravation of delivery.

Contract award
To win your contract, we appreciate that cost will be of importance to you and therefore we will produced a very competitive bid. However, it will not be so tight that there is no room for manoeuvrein the detail of what you need us to deliver.

No compromise
You will understandably be concerned about the potential for a loss of quality within your service. We will never compromise on quality to meet the price or increase our profits. Twice a year external quality audits of the service are carried out, so you know exactly how well we are performing.  

Flexible and fair
We will be flexible and in return want you to be fair with us. If at all possible we will absorb the cost of improvements within the contract price. If this is not feasible we expect you to understand.

Premium service
We understand your customers, what they are like, what they want and what they are prepared to pay a premium for. For instance distraught owners want their pets back as fast as possible and delivered to the door. Those choosing a streamlined service will be charged a premium but this does not simply mean extra money for us. To keep your costs down and to increase the chances of us winning your contract this income has been allowed for when calculating the cost of your service. You and your authority will benefit directly from this additional income.

You retain control
Users of your service will now contact us directly and we will respond to each request for service as agreed with you. Things will be quiet for you and you might feel a loss of control. Don’t worry… this is just a subjective feeling. In reality you have greater control and more time to examine the management and strategy behind the service, because our people will always work within the parameters you have specified.

Who takes the call?
Your customer will no longer have to contact you, they may however be redirected by you. They might send an email or, more commonly, phone us direct. We take over full call handling responsibility, saving you the time, people and cost involved. The Animal Wardens control centre is much more than just a call centre that takes messages... it is a custom designed, state of the art, management process manned by experienced, fully trained, caring professionals, who know what they are talking about.

Animal Incident Management System.
Animal Incident Management System (AIMS), uses custom software, costing tens of thousands of pounds over the last few years. AIMS has been developed specifically for the job, which means you and your customers benefit from an unbeatable service.

What we do
We focus on our core skills, indeed we are one of a very few organisations who have this level of expertise in this niche market. Your agreement with us might just be to undertake your minimum mandatory responsibilities without the requirement for order numbers. It may be that you want a full animal warden service, or more likely a half way house where you contract for the minimum and opt in and out of the other services on demand. Whatever your requirements, we will do as much or as little as you want.

Who is your warden?
You are perhaps concerned that you will no longer have a dedicated officer working in your district. You will soon discover that you now have a combination of people equipped with differing skill sets, available to meet the demand and type of request for service they are handling.

Information at your fingertips
We understand that you are working towards greater levels of electronic governance and will supply you with all our information via a number of web-based systems. These will provide you with statistics on every job we undertake, along with management information. You will have everything you need to know at your fingertips, whenever you need it.

Regular meetings
You will benefit from regular meetings with our Director as well as the field operatives. He has first hand knowledge of the national situation and is widely regarded as being at the forefront of the industry. As an organisation that has been working solely within this field since 1984, you can expect up to date, in-depth and highly specialised knowledge from all our people.

We’ll just get on with it
Sometimes you might forget we are here at all. You may have other priorities and you probably won’t miss the disturbance of irate dog owners or the sad stories that circulate around your department, detracting staff and taking them away from their normal duties. When we are out of mind you can rely on us being there and quietly getting on with the service on your behalf.

Your customers are our customers too
Keeping your customers happy is always the overall priority. We are aware that you have excellent customer relationships and want to keep it that way. Our wardens currently achieve  customer satisfaction levels of over 99%, with 83% of users rating us excellent. Rest assured we will protect your reputation. However if one of your customers should complain, you can rely on us to investigate and furnish you with accurate details, enabling you to give an informed educated reply.

Back office costs
What you will notice most about our service, is how it has reduced your own back office costs. No more dealing with hundreds of customers or processing individual requests for service... Your time commitment will be dramatically reduced, allowing you to get on with the matters that really require your attention.

As you can see a decision to appoint Animal Wardens to replace your current service will be the right one. In addition to supplying good people with all the skills and equipment to do the job, you’ll also benefit from an unbeatable support team who can take over all the associated “back office” functions. At all times you retain total control of how the contract operates while Animal Wardens provide an end to end service you and your customers can rely on, with guaranteed savings in time, people and of course, money.

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