Working Training


2018 dates announced for those working with dogs......

Those working with dogs and professionals need an increasing array of knowledge to continue to be effective. From the casual meeting of dogs to handling and restraint, from zoonosis to environmental enforcement. We understand that  a comprehensive understanding of dogs and legal obligations under health and safety that is required.

Our training solutions in 2018 include this much accredited two day course that alreasy is proving very popular amongst Dog Wardens, Community Wardens, Police Officers, Postal Workers, Social Services, in fact for anyone coming into contact with dogs.

safety first leter head

It's important that professionals know how to keep themselves safe with dogs, unfortunately, they cannot walk away or refuse to enter a property because of the family dog. The course, involves risk assessments and reducing risk. Along with advice and techniques on keeping yourself safe around and handling dogs, it will give you ideas on how to deal with a hostile dog with the minimum amount of fuss.

Casual workers
If your work involves you entering your client's property and that may encountering a family dog; if not in the garden then certainly at the door. It is designed to teach you what to look for and how to keep yourself safe using basic techniques and equipment that you have to hand as part of your job as well as dealing with dogs in the doorway.  You will also receive hints and tips on how to use the family dog to build relationships with your client.


Northern Ireland 22nd and 23rd January

Warwick 12th and 13th March

Devon 18th and 19th June

Kent 10th and 11th September

Manchester 15th and 16th October


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World Rabies Day

rabies presentationOn world rabies day we featured: "It's closer than you think" a 12 minute presentation updating the curent situation in the UK.






Think Dog for Dog wardens

think dog

Features: Think Dog for Dog Wardens a 20 minute presentation on my thoughts of how “thinking dog” helps us to understand and handle dogs better.







Dogs - Who does what

who does whatLast week the finally agreed “Dogs – who Does what” guidance book was launched at a gathering of eighty two delegates from Local Authorities, Police, RSPCA, Dogs Trust, Guide dogs and the PDSA.

This seventeen page document displayed here, is the first of its kind and has been work in progress by myself for the past two years.




Dog Warden World

dog warden world may

Looking at what is happening in the Dog Warden World, updates from Government, RSPCA, PDSA and others...

Running time is twenty minute.





Handling aggresive dogs for Dog Wardens

handling agg dogs f dw

Features  Handling Aggressive Dogs for Dog Wardens for dog wardens, is a 20 minute presentation examining aspects of aggressive dog behaviour and risk assessments for dog wardens.





Safe Working

h & s for dog wardens

Health and Safety for Dog Wardens is a forty minute presentation looking at what accidents we are susceptible to, detailing the most common accidents along with a list of do not's!






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