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Manchester Dogs Home

The Home received overwhelming public support, both in help and in financial giving. Food and blankets were donated by thousands, the Just Giving accounts hold nearly £2million. This will be used to rebuild the site with more modern facilities for animal welfare.

The kennels are back into normal operations from today (29th Sept), although in some reduced capacity.




Local Authority Clients
For thirty years we have worked closely with Local Authorities, with local people, in a caring professional way, promoting and enforcing responsible dog ownership.

Our clients benefit from regular updates and real flexibility. They enjoy agreed service levels, a quick response, unparalleled knowledge and vast experience.

Our Work
We are contracted by Local authority, Police Forces, Housing associations and other Government agencies to investigate complaints regarding dogs. To establish who provides this service in your area, please click here.

Our largest workload is providing Dog Wardens to Local Authorities under contract. If you are a local Authority, we would be pleased to submit a proposal, especialy if you are in the North West region.

Status Dogs
Over the past decades there has been an increase with status dogs in England. There are now more Pit Bull dogs than in 1992 when they were banned. Our work with status dogs is in early detection and education. Each Police force in England has appointed a Dog Legislation Officer to investigate all matters regarding status, banned and dangerous dogs. If you have concern regarding a dog, then contact the Police on 101.

Animal Welfare
Our role is to refer cases to the RSPCA who are the lead prosecuting authority in England. If you have concerns regarding the welfare of any animal then contact them on 0300 1234 999

Client login
Existing clients can log into our Animal Incident Management System (AIMS) to access information on each individual service request.

New record 13,401 web site visitors in one month
In 2013 we helped over 37,475  people regarding dogs, many of these listed in our lost dog and found dog data base. It is increasingly becoming the number one site to assist owners of lost dogs or found dogs, with 13,401 visitors in December 2013 seekiing help.

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